Marti's Profile

Founded by two creative and style-driven individuals to create a distinctive brand that takes you from home to work, and back. 

Mimi Marti

Mimi Marti

Mimi Marti loves her job because it does not feel like one. Instead, the Swiss-born Fashion and Interior Designer sees it as her passion, which allows her to rediscover her creativity through interaction with clients. As the Interior Design Consultant, Mimi is the force behind the many Projects shown on this website. They attest to her ability to tune into the client's many varied needs and make a space come to life. "It's intuition" Mimi simply says. It is this innate sense of style that follows through to the Interior Design Consulting aspect of Marti Portfolio. Mimi's instinctive nature allows her to pick up on the subtle nuances that make a world of difference when transforming a mere space into a little world of its own. “I have a photographic memory for colours, space and light. I can recall what a living environment looked like, and from there, I plan on developing the space's variation of colours and textures as well,” Mimi shares. Mimi's well-tuned knowledge of space and proportions allow her to create the harmony and dimensions – the essential touches that appeal to clients. It is these differences that take a room to another level – evocative and irresistible. Indeed, Mimi' s Degree in Fashion Design and many years of experience have served her well throughout the years. 

H. F. Marti

Mr. Marti has been an Associate Member of the DIA (Design Institute of Australia) since 1995. 

Having dealt extensively through the previous business of metroweave as the exclusive Australian Distributor of leading Interior Textile Houses from the UK, Italy, Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Holland, the two principals share their European background and influence with the local market. 

Mr. Marti's experiences go well bejond his involvement in design projects, refurbishments, fit-outs and project coordination and end-to-end project management, and extend to marketing in general and B2B and D2C distribution of Swiss timepieces through the associated business of