Marti Portfolio

Mimi Marti's 'Marti Portfolio' is a unique destination where Design and Fabrics are blended to create a unique experience. Eclectic Design pieces are sourced from around the World.

Art Pieces, unusual Fabrics and unique Design  - Mimi has rounded up the best to uncover a world of inspiration.

Mimi Marti has years of Interior Design and Decorating experiences. Mimi also has an Art Degree in Fashion Design and is a qualified Fashion Consultants.


Tuesday - Friday : 10:00 - 5:00pm

Saturday             : 10:00 - 4:00pm

Sunday/Monday  : closed

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Interior Design & Decoration

Marti Interior Design, From interior design consultation to providing inspiring solutions, Marti Portfolio's expertise

From Interior Design consultations to providing inspiring solutions, our expertise will give value, style and superb look, customised to your needs. Divine fabrics, hand-made Glass, Art pieces, and handmade statement Rugs are just some of the treasures that will transform a Residence into a Home with lashings of style and atmosphere. 

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Spotlight on …


Marti Portfolio Scarves

Scarves made from silk, cotton wool and even the finest of steel yarns for the most comfortable daily wear. Its unique material blend means you can stretch and change the net-like design of the scarf whenever you like. Not to forget our new additions: Fur

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Glass Art Pieces

Glass Art Pieces

Glass Art and out door Sculptures.

Our hand-made range of glass art pieces are a brilliant way to add some colour to a space. Glass as Table Decoration, glass as a useful item like a Vase, or a simple Table Lamp add character to homes.

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