From Interior Design consultations to providing inspiring solutions, our expertise will give value, style and superb look, customised to your needs. Divine fabrics, hand-made Glass, Art pieces, and handmade statement Rugs are just some of the treasures that will transform a Residence into a Home with lashings of style and atmosphere. 


Marti Interior Design Projects

Design Consulting services for home, workplace, hospitality. We will meet with prospective clients to assess the Living or Working Environment. The Team will devise customized portfolios to turn residences or working environments into special spaces reflecting personality & incorporating functional features. Here are some projects we have worked on.

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Marti Furnishings and Furniture

Furniture and Furnishings are the building blocks of a Home. From plush Sofas to elegant décor pieces, they are one of the first things you select and plan everything else around. It is important to have a theme in mind, for a cohesive look. The right pieces should tick all the boxes – function, form and aesthetics. It should also be versatile enough for any time of the year. 

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Home Accessories

Marti Portfolio Home Accessories

Home accessories are a way of adding finishing touches, giving those extra nuances that complete a beautiful room, or making a plain space come alive. The right home accessory acts as a focal point or helps different elements in a room blend seamlessly. It is also a great way to revamp the look of a room without having to start afresh! 

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